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Healthy Living Is What We Do!


I have always had a huge passion for food and how it brings people together on any occasion. I decided to turn my hobby into a business and I believe that I can offer my clients a healthy lifestyle, while still giving them a meal they will thoroughly enjoy!



Sabi's Kitchen Table officially started in 2018 with the help of my family and friends encouraging me to bring my passion for food to life.

I began to think of providing this service when I realised that there was a need for it. There are wives, mothers and even bachelors who don't  have the time to cook great, healthy meals for their families due to work pressure and would still like to eat a healthy home cooked meal. This is where Sabi's Kitchen Table comes in!

My name is Masabata Khathide. Let's make healthy living enjoyable!



071 417 4108






7pm - 8pm, Evening Deliveries


Please order your meal the day before.

We do not do same day orders.

Here is our delicious Menu!

Click below to see more pictures!

Please note that the food we provide is for evenings and we do deliver depending on the area.

We also cater for special occasions!


Beef Stew | R55

Grilled Chicken | R45

Sticky Wings | R55

Chicken á la King | R55



Brown Rice Corn Bread | R45

White Rice

Garlic Bread

Grilled Potatoes

Vegetable Serving

Green beans with mushrooms bake

Cream Spinach or traditional spinach


Mixed vegetable stir fry


Green Salad


Potato Salad


Bean Salad







Pasta Dishes

Chicken Alfredo | R60

Macaroni and Mince | R60

Mushroom Pasta | R60

Casserole Dishes

 Aubergine Dish | R55

Mushroom Dish | R55

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We have a variety of delicious, healthy smoothies too!

Try One!


Papaya with Banana | R30

Banana and Peanuts | R30

Everything Berry | R30

Pineapple, Apple and Mango | R30


Options with Cream, Milk, Juice or Water.


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Try the new addition to the kitchen!

Have a sweet tooth?

Have a look at some of our tasty treats below!

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Our First Shop!

Sabi's Kitchen Table launched its first shop at one of the schools in North Riding.
We are proud to announce the launch of our lunch school packs for the young ones.
Parents can order lunch packs for their children according to their dietary requirements and we will deliver.

Contact us for more info!


I had a wonderful time at  ENCA, showing people how they can still have a healthy diet, without compromising on taste!

I had a wonderful time at ENCA, showing people how they can still have a healthy diet, without compromising on taste!

Kasi Kitchen

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I Love What I Do!

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The Chef At Work!

“Do what you love, and never work a day in your life” :)

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A helping hand!

My sisters Tshepiso and Khomotso helping me serve my clients!

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Thank you!

“Can’t thank my clients enough for the support and trusting Sabi’s Kitchen Table with their sensitive bodies. Building a brand, building friendships that will last.”

- Masabata Khathide



Here is what some of our previous clients had to say about SKT:


Ms Makama

"TD Jakes says: to be successful, be an answer to a question. This started not only my own journey to being an answer, but also allowing others to answer my questions and therefore we all succeed. Sabi's Kitchen Table isn't only feeding me delicious, healthy food seasoned with love, she's helping me focus on living. Sabi cooks her food with passion, delivers with a smile and shares herself with us each time we see her . Thank you Sabi, you and your God-given gift are indeed an answer 😘😘"



“Sabi's kitchen has made my life even more easy. She is friendly and easy to deal with. The food tastes delicious, freshly cooked, affordable and the best thing is it is diet based. I would absolutely recommend anyone to be part of Sabi's kitchen member. I have lost weight as per my plan with her and I am happy.”


Black African Woman (bAw)

Sabi's Kitchen Table graciously fed our bellies and our souls for our bAw H. E. R. Retreat at the end of December 2018. We were a group of about 15 young women and one gentleman, and our days were spent digging into difficult emotional conversations. By the time we were done with each session, we were ravished.

That's where Sabi and Sja stepped in and nourished our vessels. Their meals were always on time, warm, appealing to the eye and delicious! They worked tirelessly to make sure each meal (breakfast, lunch and supper) was fresh and different to the one before, and always with a smile on their faces.

Sabi shows up fully to the occasion and embraces you with her warmth and love for Jesus through her culinary efforts. This adds even more to the beautiful meals she shares.

Thank you Sabi for the service you provide. This won't be the last time that black African woman (bAw) calls on you!


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